Aquamarine – The Jewel of the Sea

AquamarineAquamarine is given its name because of the blueness of this gem that depicts the blueness of the ocean. In Latin, it means the water of the sea, and the name was actually given by the Romans in 2000 BC. Since the ancient times, aquamarine has been regarded as a precious gemstone.

In Greek mythology, sailors believed that the stone would protect them from the destruction of Poseidon, the God of sea in Greek mythology, and Neptune according to Roman mythology. It was possessed by the sailors with the hope of a safe journey through the seas. Since it represents water, it is the birthstone representing the month of March, also known as the month of Pisces. Because of its blue color, it is believed that it possess the tendency to calm a person with its tranquil effects and bring forth wisdom.


Aquamarine belongs to the Beryl family, which includes heliodor, emerald, morganite and goshenite. Beryl is aluminum beryllium silicate, which has the hardness level of 7.5. The blue color of aquamarine is due to the presence of traces of iron in it, each with different amount that then cause different shades of blue, sometimes with a hint of green. Unlike emerald, it has little to no inclusions. It has a hexagonal crystalline structure.

Properties and formation

Aquamarine is an almost transparent gem because of no inclusions in it. Since it is very clear, the color plays an important role in determining its worth. Lapidaries try to accentuate the colors of aquamarine by focusing on its cuts. They go for deeper cuts to bring the colors out. You will never find an aquamarine too dark. The color ranges between light blue to intense blue, with inclusions of some greenish shades. However, light shades of aquamarine are most common, making the intense shades of blue more precious and demanded. Aquamarine is usually associated with the family of quartz, biotite, topaz and garnet because of its density and hardness and because it occurs in the form of pegmatite.

Where it is found

In modern times, Brazil is the top supplier of aquamarines as they are abundantly found there. More recently, South Africa has also become a leading supplier of aquamarine. Pakistan, Mozambique, Nigeria, and Madagascar have large reserves of aquamarine.

Mystical attributes of aquamarine

Aquamarine is believed to help in stimulating better mental health due to its calming effects. It is used to bring tranquility, a sense of peace and unity. People use it to aid themselves in spiritual meditations. It was thought to be an antidote or poison. Sailors wore this for protection, and in the battleground, it was worn by soldiers to instill a sense of glory and victory in them. It represents the throat chakra, which is why people believe it to help in unblocking the communication blocks and stimulating spiritual connection. The blueness of aquamarine depicts the openness of the sea. It represents the absolute truth and helps a person in letting go of things and patterns, which does not benefit them any longer.


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