Fascinating Gemstone Fables

Variety of gemstones on a matGemstones have been the center of attention in the world of glamour since the beginning of time. And while they have primarily only been a source of wonderment and awe for divas worldwide, some tales surrounding the glitzy sparklers are rather bizarre and worth learning about. However, that’s not to say that all strange gem stories are grim or spine chilling; many are amusing and glaringly mundane (considering they involve some of the biggest names in the elite circle), which in itself is pretty much a treat for a pop culture consumer. 

For instance, you’ll find that a mercenary gifted his wife a chunky block of a stunning crystal to make up for calling her masculine. Likewise, a widely popular super sultry seductress lost her oh-so-expensive set of one of a kind earrings while taking a dip in the sea. The world of gemstones is full to the brim with such seemingly banal anecdotes that make for a good laugh if nothing else. 

So, here is a quick run-through of some of the most entertaining gemstone moments over the years. 

The Taylor Burton Diamond

Known for his saccharine voice, the welsh actor Richard Barton has been a man to many women, which is why he has been behind some of the most whimsical gemstone tales. The first story involving the superstar is quite commonplace for a husband because he had to buy his wife, Elizabeth Taylor, a massive piece of diamond to make up for calling her hands ugly and masculine during a spat at dinner time. The missus used her husband’s (crystal clear) momentary lapse in judgment to her advantage. She demanded the biggest possible diamond on a ring as a compensatory prize that would make her manly hands look small and slender. Consequently, Richard got Elizabeth a 64.27 carat Diamond as an act of penance on his part. 

La Peregrina Pearl

The luxuriant necklace landed in possession of the American royalty Elizabeth Taylor in 1969 after passing from the hands of Spanish, French, and English royalty. Elizabeth’s doting husband, Richard Burton, got the jewel for her at an auction by outbidding a prince. However, the American actress carelessly misplaced the magnificent piece of jewelry at a hotel in Las Vegas for a while, only to find it later in her dog’s mouth. 

The Taj Mahal Diamond

Yet another diamond tale involving the welsh heartthrob, Richard burton. The Taj Mahal (not the architectural wonder that the Mughal emperor Shahjehan commissioned for his wife Mumtaz) is a blocky, heart-shaped table-cut diamond necklace that was a gift from husband Richard to his wife, Taylor. The power couple made their extravagant purchase public via a press conference. 

The Duchess of Windsor’s Panther Bracelet 

The remarkable onyx and diamond panther bracelet was the pride and joy of the Duchess of Windsor, Wallis Simpson. Also, a notable American socialite, Wallis got the jewel as a gift from husband King Edward VIII, who left the British throne to marry the woman of his dreams. 

The Empress Eugene Brooch

Currently, a source of attraction in the French museum, the louvre, the Empress Eugene brooch was once a flashy buckle before becoming a pinnable item. Featuring approximately 26,000 diamonds, the blinding clasp attained its current state at Empress Eugene’s request. Nobody knows why the monarch chose to modify the jewel, but one thing is an established fact that she absolutely loved her large gemstone possession and would often wear it. 

The Tiffany Diamond

Sporting a refreshing yellow color, the Tiffany diamond was mined in South Africa in 1877. The 126-carat diamond necklace is in possession of Tiffany and Cos and has adorned only one neck till now. Audrey Hepburn wore it for a shoot when promoting the campaign for breakfast at Tiffany’s. 

Prince Soraya’s Engagement Ring

Another fascinating gemstone story involving a loving husband and his leading lady. The Iranian princess became the proud owner of the 22-carat diamond ring in 1950 when the shah of Iran presented it to her. The glorious ring, along with all of the princess’s belongings, were auctioned off in Paris in 2002 after Soraya had passed away. 

Grace Kelly’s Engagement Ring

Prince Rainier III of Monaco initially gave the love of his life a two baguette diamond ring from Cartier to affiance her. But when he later realized that everyone in Hollywood had much chunkier rocks on their fingers, he ordered a 10.5-carat emerald cut diamond ring from Cartier for his then-wife Grace Kelly. 

Kim Kardashian’s $75,000 Earring

The American socialite almost lost her $75,000 earring in Bora Bora. On a family vacation to the splendid island, Kim’s then-fiancé, Kris Humphries, threw her in the water as an act of endearment but what followed his folly was anything but endearing. After giggling for a second in the Bora Bora waters, Kim reached for her earlobe only to find it bereft of her $75,000 earring. Upon the grace revelation, the American model started bawling hysterically before conceding the unlikelihood of finding a tiny piece of jewelry in the massive ocean. Amazingly though, Kris and Kendall Jenner somehow stumbled upon the lost earring the same day during a round of swimming. 

The Krupp Diamond

And the chronicles of Taylor-Burton diamonds keep surfacing! 

In 1968, Richard Burton gifted his wife Elizabeth a colorless 33-carat diamond ring, which the actress flaunted as a token of love by her beloved husband. But her prized possession became the recipient of a rather unmerited jibe by Princess Margaret at a wedding where both divas were in attendance. The British monarch called Elizabeth’s ring vulgar until she was offered to try it on herself. Indeed, envy can make anyone do irrational things!  

The Black Orlov Diamond 

Stolen by a monk in India from the eye of a Brahma idol, the sleek and sparkly black diamond now hangs from a gorgeous white chain. However, the mystifying jewel is regarded as a cursed object by many as it has been known to bring violent deaths upon its owners. It was last seen in London during a diamond exhibition at the Natural History Museum in 2005. Supposedly the Orlov diamond now belongs to a mysterious private collector who remains unknown to this date.


So gemstones are not just glitz and glory; they have pretty sensational stories to their credit that are worth a read and now that you know about these gem follies, why not run down to your local jewelry store and get one for yourself? Say what? You don’t have that kind of financial wealth! Well then, welcome to the rest of us who account for 95% of humans on this planet, but hey, they are nice to read about! 


8 Noteworthy Gemstone Rings

Aside from devouring movies, shows, and music, ardent pop culture enthusiasts also love to follow the lives of their favorite celebrities. From breakups and patch-ups to secret trips and weddings, diehard fans like to keep an eye on everything related to their stars and that too, in great detail.

While all aspects of stardom interest showbiz aficionados, they particularly love celebrity engagements, weddings, and everything about them. And by everything, we mean every minor and significant detail about a couple’s nuptials and the most intriguing bit for a large majority of admirers remains the chunky piece of exquisite stone that sits atop the engagement ring. 

When it comes to jewels owned by celebrities, none attracts as much attention as engagement rings. That could be so because of what an engagement ring signifies or the fact that when it comes to honoring partners, pop stars like to go BIG, which is why most circlets adorning high-profile fingers carry exotic, blinding gems that leave onlookers in awe. 

Promise rings worn by the luminaries of the entertainment industry have always been the talk of the town as people love to admire those magnificent jewels while yearning to own a similar, if not the same, band someday. 

That said, unfortunately, getting a big block of any precious gem over a metal loop might not be in the cards for everyone. But that doesn’t mean they can’t admire the enthralling splendor of the gorgeous, glistening beauties that embellish the ring finger of many star beaus. 

And hence, here’s a list of the most popular gemstone engagement rings that shine like the brightest star in the galaxy. 

Victoria Beckham 

When people hear the name of this gorgeous beauty, the first thing that comes to mind is a diva. Victoria Beckham is undeniably the embodiment of grace, elegance, and sensuous femininity, so naturally, David Beckham had to give her a ring that would match her grace.

While that could have been a confounding job, the famous footballer definitely executed it perfectly, gifting his lady not one, not two, not three, but 13 breathtaking rings over the course of seventeen years of their marriage. And out of the thirteen jewels, three feature gemstones, including ruby, sapphire and emerald. 

Penelope Cruz

The beauty is undoubtedly among the top goddesses of Hollywood, and her husband, Javier Bardem, makes sure he treats her like one. Penelope Cruz wears a vintage sapphire engagement ring that is classic and contemporary in equal measure. The three-carat glorious oval gem sits at the center of a flower-shaped diamond band, making the ring an awe-inspiring piece of jewelry. 

Jessica Simpson 

The late 90s teen idol, Jessica Simpson, is known for winning the hearts of music lovers worldwide with her songs. But her soccer husband, Eric Johnson, knew very well how to win the songstress’s heart as he gave her a beautiful red ruby engagement ring. And mind you, Jessica is July born, so her birthstone is ruby. Talk about being thoughtful! 

Elizabeth Hurley 

The fantastical love tales of Australian cricketer Shane Warne and American beauty Elizabeth Hurley did the rounds for a while back in 2011, after the actress’s split from husband Arun Nayar. Though the couple decided to call it quits only two years after getting engaged, the ring Shane gave Elizabeth stuck in people’s minds for much longer.

The Australian sportsman presented his American beau a jaw-dropping nine-carat sapphire gemstone ring, which, as everyone knows, is the go-to stone choice among the British royalty since the time of Lady Diana. 

Besides the splendid sapphire, Elizabeth’s ring also featured two 2-carat trillion-cut diamonds for an added effect. Rumor has it that the ravishing ring cost about $100,000 at the time. 

Halle Berry

The 2004 Catwoman is known for her riveting acting, but some jewelry lovers also remember her for her mesmerizing engagement ring. Halle’s husband of four years, Oliver Martinez, gifted her a hand-forged ring by a noteworthy Parisian artisan, Robert Marzio. Since the couple is no longer married, the Call actress doesn’t wear her ring anymore, but that doesn’t make it any less splendid.

The glorious green ring sported a four-carat emerald that sat on top of a yellow gold band. Rumor has it that this beautiful emerald stunner carried arcane codes that only the couple understood. Butterfly-inducing-ly romantic, right? Yeah, we thought so too. 

Olivia Wilde 

The Tron legacy actress is engaged to comedian Jason Sudeikis, who is hopelessly in love with his partner and their engagement ring is enough proof of that. Olivia’s ring contains a six-carat clear diamond stone surrounded by a halo of green emeralds, which, according to the actresses’s paramour, reflects the green in her eyes. Now, if that isn’t adorable, we don’t know what is? 

Ashlee Simpson 

Sibling to Jessica Simpson, actress and songwriter Ashlee Simpson has been lucky in the matters of the heart as her sister, and that’s evident from her Edwardian style ring. Ashlee’s husband, Evan Ross, gave her a one of a kind ruby and diamond-encrusted ring that pays a nod to the Edwardian era. Evan hired the famous jewelry designer, Neil Lane to design a unique engagement ring for his now-wife.

According to Neil, Ashlee’s blinding sparkler is nothing like anything she has seen or created before. It’s an inarguably a rare and refined piece of jewelry. 

Kate Middleton 

Though not part of the entertainment industry, Kate Middleton is famous all the same; hence, she deserves a shoutout for her ethereal ring. Prince William proposed to the Duchess of Cambridge by giving her lady Diana’s sapphire ring. The sparkling blue ring that now sits on the Duchess’ ring finger features an 18-carat sapphire stone encircled by a halo carrying 14 diamonds. Moreover, the royal ring is set in 18-carat white gold and is regarded as one of the most prized family heirlooms in history. 

All the mentioned bearers of the most elegant gemstone rings are undoubtedly blessed to wear (have worn at one time) such stunning sparklers. 

What are Fossil Fuels? A Brief Overview

Did you know that fossil fuels do not only come from natural gas? Oil and coal are fossil fuels too, but what’s interesting is that they were all formed from extinct plants and animals that have decayed millions of years ago. Oh! If the dinosaurs really knew how much they meant to us!

These remains are referred to as organic matter and carbon is the element that is found in all organic matter. This is how we are able to determine what the compound is and how old it is. 

What Do Fossil Fuels Do for Us?

Times Square at NightJust look around. This is how we get our electricity, run our cars (cars that use combustion engines, not electric cars), provide power to our planes, and keep us warm in the winter. There are some caveats though. One is the impact they have on the environment. Another is that once the fuel is used, you cannot reuse it again. These are known as non-renewable resources, as compared to renewable resources like wind farms and solar energy. 

Crude oil, AKA petroleum or petro is a fossil fuel in liquid form. It is made of hydrocarbons, which is a chemical compounds of hydrogen and carbon. 

How Is Oil Extracted?
Oil RigAs mentioned, we know now that it is the remains of dinosaurs that is the oil that we use for energy and we know that this oil is found way beneath the earth, so in order to extract it, oil drills must be erected over the area.

It is not easy to find where the oil resides. Much testing must be conducted first. Sometimes it is found by accident. Remember the Beverly Hillbillies

Finding oil and gas trapped deep underground is very complicated and expensive, but the payoff is well worth it to the oil companies, and the landowners (mostly municipalities and countries) where their drilling takes place make a fortune. Just take a look at the Middle-Eastern Gulf states, but closer to home, there are Texas and California, as well as Alaska. Transporting the oil to refineries and on to international distributers was restricted until former President Trump opened up the pipelines, which helped advance the US economy and make America energy independent; however, to the chagrin of environmental supporters and the environment itself.

How are Oil and Gas Transported?

Oil drilling takes place on land and in the ocean. Once extracted, it is sent to the oil refineries since this fossil fuel contains lots of other compounds that need to be extracted so that the oil is pure. Large tanker ships, as well as pipelines, carry this oil to their respective refineries. 

Interestingly, there are more than 190,000 miles of pipelines in the continental United States and Alaska. They connect to other refineries and chemical plants which are then delivered to terminals where the refined product is trucked to consumers. 

What is Shale Gas?

Shale gas is natural gas that is found underground in shale rock. Fracking is the process used to extract shale gas. Profound openings are bored down into the shale rock. The gas is then siphoned into the boring gaps made by the drills which created cracks in the stone, empowering the gas to flow through the breaks into wells. From that point, it is funneled away for consumer use. 

What About the Environment?

Fossil fuels are known to be major pollutants.

Smokestack showing air pollution
Photo by Marcin Jozwiak on Unsplash

There are ongoing, contentious debates about which is currently more important, advancing the US economy or diminishing the oil transport and production so that the oceans and air can become cleaner. 

During the course of debates that are leading up to the US elections, Donald Trump believes that strengthening the US economy and energy independence is most important now, as well as being able to meet the growing energy needs across the world,  but Joe Biden feels that it is too dangerous to not take into account what effect the fossil fuel production and fracking is doing to this current environment and the dangers it could possibly have in future years.