Seven More Common Minerals and Their Amazing Uses

Nature is rich in all kinds of minerals. 92 elements are found at various locations and levels of the earth’s surface. Some are hidden in the core while others are abundantly specking the landscape. Some have the potential to cure the most complex diseases; others can put your underarm within a second. We are developing a list to explore some of the most common minerals and what interesting uses they have.


It belongs to the family of alkaline metals and is known to be extremely toxic. The taste is very sweet but had the power to poison in no time. Most commonly it is used in X-rays, and also in fluorescent lights.

Columbite Tantalite

It is found in Africa and is also commonly known as Coltan now. Columbite tantalite mostly has uses in the technological stuff. From electronic gadgets to automobiles, it is a key mineral to be used in a lot of products in these fields. It is also used in pacemaker in order for the product to operate.


This mineral has a bad reputation. Known for its fire retarding characteristics and the potential to cause cancer in people; this mineral is not much liked among the people. Though, with a worker’s touch and some effort, it can also be polished to make the famous ‘Tiger Eye’ stone.


Gold is definitely going to make it to this list because it is quite commonly used and people have a very strong familiarity with this mineral. It is used in making jewelry, wires, gadgets, and even cosmetological products and ornaments. It is very malleable in nature and can be used in a huge variety of ways.


Lead is a mineral that one would want to use with care and precautions. It has toxic capabilities which make it quite dangerous. This is exactly why lead has a bad reputation among people. However, much of these fears are exaggerations. If only consumed through food and drink, lead can prove to be toxic. On the contrary, it has no harmful effects upon touching or breathing near it. Pencils are quite commonly made using lead. Earlier, eating utensils and paint were also made using lead.


Mica could be said to be a natural glitter as it puts the sparkle on many rocks found in natural settings. It has a lot of flexibility, making it ideal to be used as window glass in earlier time.


Platinum is also one of the most precious metals and quite rare as well. It is expensive due to its limited reservoirs and is mostly used for making jewelry. However, technological ventures also have use for this mineral in some of their products. It is a whole family of metals called Platinum Group Metals, and its largest source are from byproducts of nickel mines.

Minerals have been extracted and used for centuries, and consequently, many have gone extinct while a great many are at the verge of it. They do have uses and benefits but we need to make careful investments of minerals that are already scarce.

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