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All You Want to Know About the July Birthstone

Ruby - Gemstone of July
Ruby – Gemstone of July

Unless you have been living under a rock, you probably know what birthstones are and how they are believed to help people in metaphysical healing and bringing good fortune with their unique properties. Each birth month has a different gemstone associated to it and a few months are even associated with multiple gems.

Birthstone of July

Ruby, known as the ‘King of Gems’ in ancient India, is the gemstone of folks born in July. Ruby is considered as one of the most prized of all gemstones and they are much harder to be found in large sizes than sapphires, emeralds and diamonds. Due to their rare occurrence, rubies are expensive and their prices increase exponentially with size.

The ruby is a type of mineral corundum that was discovered about 2000 years ago. Mineral corundums are found in many different forms, only the red one is called Ruby while all others belong to the family of sapphires.

The Benefits Rubies Are Believed To Bring Into the Lives of Their Owners

The word ‘Ruby’ comes from Latin and it means ‘red’. The most high quality rubies are found in Burma and Thailand.

Like all other birthstones, rubies are believed to bring many benefits, if worn by the people born in July. Some of these benefits are:

  • During ancient times, it was believed that rubies have amazing healing properties and can help prevent hemorrhages and cure inflammatory disease. Also, it was believed to soothe anger.
  • Europeans found rubies to bring health, wealth, love and wisdom to their owners.
  • According to a wide held belief during The Middle Ages, rubies have the ability to warn their owners about the upcoming problems so that they can figure out a way to deal with them. Whenever something bad is going to happen to their owners, rubies were believed to change their color to dark red or brown. This allows the wearer to prepare for the upcoming problem.
  • It is also believed to offer protection from all kinds of evils.
  • Burmese warriors had a strong belief that they became invincible in battles by wearing these precious red gemstones.
  • For the people born in July, ruby is believed to increase mental strength, courage and stamina.
  • They are also believed to fuel one’s creativity and motivation.
  • Rubies are also known to help in overcoming depression and eliminating fatigue.
  • According to experts, ruby has the unique property of helping its owner to achieve life goals by inciting refreshing and positive energy that motivates them to move forward in their lives.
  • It is believed that ruby helps in maintaining healthy blood vessels and, ultimately, normal blood circulation. It stimulates the pineal gland and is also linked to heart energy center.
  • Rubies are also widely associated with power, vividness and passion and the symbolic meaning of the gemstone’s red color is passion and love.

It would not be wrong to say that people born in July are lucky because they have got one of the most beautiful, valuable, unique and rare gemstones that look perfect no matter how you wear it.