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Rose Quartz – The Love Stone

Rose Quartz Crystal
Rose Quartz

Rose quartz was discovered in Mesopotamia back in 7000 BC in the form of beads. Assyrians used to create jewelry out of rose quartz somewhere around 700BC. Romans and Assyrians might be among the first ones to use the rose quartz.

People in ancient times held the belief that quartz naturally posses magical powers. Romans, Greeks and ancient Egyptians used rose quartz as protective talisman. Women used to posses the stone, as they believed it stopped aging. Rose quartz represented fifth wedding anniversary, holding the idea that the love is still young and growing.

Rose quartz is the name given to the delicate looking pink colored mineral quartz. It is known to be found abundantly in the areas where magma has cooled down and pegmatite is formed. The pink shade of rose quartz is credited to microscopic addition of a pink mixture of the mineral dumortierite. These inclusions are normally enough to give a translucent appearance to rose quartz, rather than making it entirely transparent. Very rarely, it happens those rose quartz are transparent in the form of pink euhedral crystals. These are normally formed in the later stages of mineralization in pegmatite.

Physical properties

Rose quartz or pink quartz belongs to the family of quartz. It is more of a mineral than a gemstone. It belongs to the hexagonal crystal system. It is chemically composed of (SiO2) Silicon Dioxide, and possesses titanium and iron impurities in it. With the hardness level of 7, it comes in colors ranging from pale pink to the deepest lavender shade. It is commonly found in Brazil, Madagascar, India, and South Africa. In fact, rose quartz is commonly found almost everywhere.


Factors of quality

Color: Rose quartz is known for its light pink color that ranges till medium pink.

Clarity: – The smoky, translucent appearance of rose quartz is because of the mineral impurities in the stone.

Cut: They are not faceted, they have irregular shape and when cut, they give the appearance of asterism pattern.

Carat: Rose quartz is available in large, suitable for making jewelry out of it. The larger sizes of rose quartz give out more intense shade of pink.


Healing Properties of Rose Quartz

It is associated with the heart chakra and it is the birthstone of Taurus and Libra. Rose Quartz represents unconditional love, and is known to be an important stone to open one’s heart to compassion and love. It induces love for family, love for one’s self and a sense of peace. Even though rose quartz has the vibration frequency of 7, it still has more of a soothing and relaxing effect.

Rose Quartz opens the heart to generosity toward others and also towards one’s self. It aids in dealing with guilt and harmonizes the emotional imbalances. It has an effect that lowers stress and instills a sense of serenity. It wipes off jealousy, envy and malice from the heart and helps in controlling anger.