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How to Pick the Right Gemstone

There are thousands of varieties of gemstones. When deciding on one, it can be quite an overwhelming task. That is why it is important that you are not impulsive and instead look at the various factors that can help you choose the right one. 

From color to cut, many different aspects come into play. Keep reading this gemstone reading guide that covers eight different factors that will influence your buying decision:


Assortment of gemstonesColor is of the utmost importance when it comes to gemstones. If you want to wear a gemstone, you should choose a color that suits you best and resonates with your personality. 

Every gemstone has its unique shades of colors and some even come in a variety of them. Colors can greatly affect your mood, emotions and attitude and therefore, the gemstone you pick should be a color that brings out positivity and good vibes. 

In addition to that, some believe that colors also have healing properties. For example, blue gemstones are known to have a calming effect and relax the body, whereas an orange gemstone is said to promote feelings of happiness, wisdom and creativity.


Most notable with diamonds, it is a term used to measure the weight of a particular stone. Carat is an important factor to consider when picking out the right gemstone. Most gemstones are available in various sizes; however, sometimes your options may be limited in certain stones. 

Carat is also important because it reflects the purity and rarity of a piece. This can come in use later if you’re going to sell the stone. Carats may vary from stone to stone. For example, when it comes to diamonds, size is less important than the quality of the diamond; people prefer larger carat weights due to their higher status and value.


Fine Cut DiamondProbably the most important factor of a gemstone, especially with diamonds. The cut is more significant than the shape and refers to the appearance of a gemstone. It refers to the way the proportions, polish and symmetry of the stone are put together, which includes a rating of excellent, very good, good, fair, and poor and references how much light is reflected from the stone. 

The way that a gem is cut can strongly affect its overall value due to its influence on color. Well-cut stones are known to bring out the beauty of a stone, therefore, enhancing its overall grade. On the other hand, poorly cut stones will cause the light to leak out of the stone instead of being brought back to the viewer’s eye.

The cut is that element that ties the stone’s color, clarity and carat weight together. Choose a stone that is visually appealing and one where light spreads evenly across it instead of it having lifeless dark areas.


Clarity or the absence of flaws is another crucial factor that will affect your buying decision. Choose a stone that is sparkling clean without any imperfections. Clarity is judged on the stone’s species and variety. This is done to keep in mind the differences in the formation of environments for different minerals. Different stones have different clarity grades, so you might want to do your research before choosing one.


Another determining factor for many people when picking a gemstone is their birthstone. If you’re wondering what this is, a birthstone is a gemstone that represents a person’s birth month and the personality traits associated with it. Even though it is considered to be a modern concept, the origin of birthstones dates back to biblical times. Many traditions and cultures continue to follow the tradition of the birthstone even today and for many, it is just a fashion statement. 

Here is the list below:

January- Garnet
February- Amethyst
March- Aquamarine
April- Diamond
May- Emerald
June- Alexandrite|
July- Ruby
August- Peridot
September- Sapphire
October- Pink Tourmaline
November- Topaz
December- Blue Topaz


Let’s not forget this one. The prices of gemstones vary and some can be ridiculously expensive, depending on their rarity and quality. Some, such as the pink diamond are said to be $1.19 million per carat! Before setting your heart on one, find out the price and see if it’s in your budget.


Apart from how it looks, the quality and durability of the stone are of utmost importance too. You want it to last, right? When looking at durability, you can check the hardness of the stone. The hardness is what will determine the ‘wear and tear’ of the stone. If your gemstone is likely to come into contact with surfaces, this is especially true for rings and bracelets, then remember to pick one that has a Mohs hardness rating of seven or higher. The hardness is essentially the stone’s resistance to scratching. You don’t want to wear a stone with scratches all over it.  The harder it is, the better.

Healing Properties

You must have heard of healing crystals as they are all the hype right now. If you’re wondering what they are, they are basically gemstones that are said to have different kinds of powers or healing properties for the mind, body and soul

As a result, lots of people buy them based on believing that they have many physical and emotional benefits and can help get rid of negative energy. Even though science has not yet provided evidence for healing crystals, they go way back in history where they were used as alternative forms of medicine. They also play a huge role in many religions, such as Hinduism and Buddhism. 

An example of a healing crystal is a clear quartz, which is known to be a master healer. It is said to balance the body and regulate the immune system. 

You now know the basics about how to pick the right gemstone. Remember, you have to be practical and look at a variety of factors and not just base it on appearance. Each stone has its beauty, but pick one that resonates the most with you.  Happy shopping!