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Healing Through Gemstones

Gemstones close on a light background
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We have all heard of magic crystal balls and gemstones used to create miracles in movies and lore.

Many people believe that these minerals provide natural healing abilities. Everything on this planet is comprised of energy on a molecular level, be it living or non-living. From animals and plants to rocks and gemstones, there is always some form of activity taking place on a subatomic level. It is thought that gemstones and crystals have energy in them which can be channeled to provide healing and restore balance in people.

Is Healing Through Precious Stones a New Fad?

If you think that healing through gemstones and crystals is something bogus, cooked up by hippies or wishful thinking by alternate healing therapists, then you might want to take another look. Contrary to popular belief, gemstones have been used for healing since ancient times, which kind of tells us that something must be going on. The earliest people to use them were the Aztecs, Egyptians and the Chinese.

Now it’s making a huge comeback thanks to the new-age spiritualist movement and people trying to seek cures and therapies through other modalities rather than heavily relying on the pharmaceutical industry. This in no way means that you should stop going to a doctor or taking your medications but simply to explore other areas to find a cure along with them. The best part of this that there aren’t any side effects.

If Gemstone Healing is Legit, Why Don’t Doctors Support It?

This is simply because they follow a different school of thought. They don’t believe that diseases come from bad energy or an imbalance in the chakras. That is why crystal or stone healing is considered a pseudo-science and we should add that there have been no scientific facts to the healing powers of these gemstones, but for those who want to believe, there is no reason not to give it a try.

Remember that even as little as a decade ago, doctors thought that yolks increased bad cholesterol in people. However, recent studies have shown otherwise and they encourage it. If you have nothing to lose, then it’s worth a try. Gemstones are not just beautiful and colored rocks that you can use in ornaments and jewelry, as you may want to try to harness their powers and channel them for healing to take place.

How Do Gemstones and Crystals Heal?

One theory is that these are the Earth’s natural energy transmitters, amplifiers, and connectors. They have been evolving slowly and steadily under the earth or embedded in other rocks for so many centuries. That is why they are potent for the healing process. Have you ever wondered why everyone has a birthstone? It is because they are connected through the Earth’s planetary alignment and that is why they work best according to a person’s birth month.

Here are some of the most effective gemstones or crystals for you to use for healing energy:


It is one of the most popular stones in the gemstone world. Look through any top ten gemstones list and you will find amethyst in there. It is a gorgeous violet colored stone that balances and restores the energy. It is best for people working in stressful jobs and environments or going through a rough phase in life.


This beautiful sea green colored stone is really helpful for people going through anxiety, stress or depression. It also helps those with a weak immune system, social anxiety and insomnia. It also has anti-inflammatory properties that help to ease any joint pain as well. Another key property of this precious stone is that helps the body to absorb nutrients from food efficiently.

Crystal Quartz

Crystal quartz is also a heavy contender in the world of crystal healing as it affects people on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. It activates the healing chakras in the body and is best used for meditative healing.


This is a beautiful yellowish gemstone that looks just like translucent gold. It is best used for attracting prosperity and health. Some people wear it while others keep it in their wallets to attract financial abundance removing any blockages in the way of success.

Rose Quartz

A soft baby pink colored gemstone to heal you in the areas of love is just what you need. This not only restores your energy but helps you attract love, mend broken relationships, and any emotional turmoil. It helps you love yourself and others easily and is also sued for treating heart ailments.


Touted by ancient Chinese for removing toxins in the body, jade will always be the stone for clearing out negative auras and energy. It’ll allow you to become a healthier and happier person in no time. It also boosts creativity and improves your inner calm.

Blue Topaz

If laughter is the best medicine, then blue topaz is the one that brings your laughter out and helps you to heal. It is known to boost happiness and provides high energy levels to people. You attract more joyous experiences and find happiness in everything. Blue topaz induces endorphins and makes a person more relaxed which is just what you need to get through a stressful day. Wearing blue topaz can make one more receptive to positive things. It promotes mental clarity and increases energy and focus in people.


Ruby needs no introduction as it is popular in every culture. You might not have ruby shoes to get you out of Oz but it will surely get you out of any funk that is obstructing you from progressing further in life. It is a fiery colored precious gemstone that helps in increasing energy levels, libido and motivation to do anything in life. It boasts high self-esteem and is also used for attracting your soul mate. Rubies are also used for healing broken hearts and reducing emotional instability.

Why not explore the world of nature’s treasures and see if you can benefit from these mystical gems?