Why Choose a Ruby Engagement Ring?

Ruby Ring in a BoxGetting engaged to the love of one’s life is a magical moment. While the promise and excitement of spending the rest of your life with your soulmate is the most delightful aspect of an engagement, the jewel used to mark the occasion also holds much prominence.

But, some people might believe that an engagement ring shouldn’t carry so much significance because that is a materialistic approach. As long as you get to spend your life with your special someone, nothing else should matter. 

Indeed, that’s a noble way of thinking but it’s not the material item that counts, it is the message it sends! With that said, your life’s love will still love the beauty of the ring that you give her.

Let’s take a closer look at what an engagement is all about.

An Ancient Tradition

When it comes to choosing an engagement ring, most people, if not all, gravitate towards the twinkling diamond. While that’s an excellent choice, it’s not the only one. There are other equally gorgeous sparklers that a person can use to propose, such as the rich red ruby.

If you think that a ruby stone is not the right choice for a commitment, here is an exhaustive list of reasons to change your mind.

Ruby is a Precious Stone

A purple gemstone on a ringIn case you didn’t know it already, the stunning ruby stone is just as precious as a blinding diamond. Diamonds are considered desirable because they are widely known as the most precious gem in the world, but that’s not true. That said, of course, diamonds are as classy as they come, but other precious stones are no less elegant.

Rubies are rich in color and incredibly appealing, which makes them an ideal choice for an engagement ring. Plus, they are among the rarest gems on the planet, which further makes them well-suited for marking a life-changing moment in someone’s life, i.e., an engagement.

Rubies Signify Love

All gemstones signify some aspects of human life. Some reflect beauty and class, while others represent resilience and patience. Likewise, the ruby stone carries a more profound meaning under its gorgeous appearance, which is love.

The word ruby comes from a Sanskrit term, which means the king of gemstones. In early times, rubies were worn to attract success, love and wealth.

Keeping the age-old belief aside, it’s pretty obvious that rubies signify love. How? Well, they are red and the color red is universally associated with love and passion. Most things that humans relate to romance and affection are red. The human heart is red; roses, which are the universal symbol of love and to express a romantic interest in someone are also red.

Putting two and two together, rubies by way of exhibiting a dark red hue symbolize love, becoming the perfect choice to mark a lifelong commitment of loving someone.

If you are planning to propose to your partner anytime soon, you should consider getting a ruby engagement ring.

A Ruby Stone is an Excellent Investment

Pretty much like a diamond, a ruby stone is a prudent investment because it doesn’t come cheap.

Rubies are the most expensive specimens of the corundum group of stones. They are unbelievably rare and fiercely sought-after; therefore, investing in a jewel featuring a ruby is bound to reap substantial financial rewards.

Thinking of your engagement ring as an investment may seem odd, but you cannot deny that it’s a perk worth considering. Of course, nobody is asking you to buy your commitment ring in hopes of gaining hefty profits in the future, but choosing a financially-rewarding piece won’t hurt.

Rubies are Durable

Pink Gemstone on a black backgroundRubies are not expensive without reason! They cost so much because they are unbelievably rare and super long-lasting. A genuine ruby stone is durable enough to last a lifetime. And that is why it’s a wise choice for an engagement ring because it will show your willingness to have a lifelong relationship.

Experts measure gemstones on a scale of hardness, known as the Mohs scale of hardness, to determine their durability. It’s a universal gauge with readings from 1 to 10, ten being the toughest and one being the softest. According to the Mohs scale, diamonds have the highest value of 10 and resultantly, the most durable, precious stones. But rubies are not too far behind as they possess a score of 9 on the Mohs scale.

An Extensive Selection of Matching Settings

The richly hued ruby stones are tremendously versatile in that they can be used with an endless variety of band styles. You can use a plain ringlet or go with something much more intricate; either way, the ruby on top will shine bright!

Owing to the adaptable nature of rubies, most jewelers offer a wide array of matching settings to set the sparkler on top. This allows customers to get the exact replica of the ring in their minds. Naturally, everyone has an image of what they want their engagement ring to look like, materializing, which is not always possible. However, with ruby stones, getting the ring of your dreams is pretty percent likely. Regardless of how painfully detailed and intricate ring design a person has in their mind, they can get exactly that by choosing a ruby gemstone.

Rubies are Popular in Celebrity Circles

Like the rest of the world, diamonds are the first choice for an engagement ring in celebrity circles. But rubies are picking up popularity. If you are one to follow pop trends, you should consider getting a ruby ring when popping the question because many A-list stars have done it. Orlando Bloom proposed to Katy Perry with a 2-carat oval-shaped ruby ring. Similarly, Eva Longoria and Ashlee Simpson received gorgeous ruby rings from their respective partners.


Picking out an engagement ring is a totally personal decision, but a little help can nudge you in the right direction. If you are a non-conformist, you should break away from the traditional diamond engagement rings and consider giving your partner a ruby jewel at the time of engagement.

With that said, how about a ruby stone with a diamond ring around it?



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