Four Gemstone Alternatives for Diamond Engagement Rings

Gone are the days where a diamond was a girl’s best friend. With the world becoming wiser to marketing campaigns and gimmicks, more and more people are turning towards the idea of using gemstones for their engagement rings, rather than the traditional diamond.

Gemstones are the New Diamonds… Or is it the other Way Around?

Though it may seem like this is just trending now, truth is that gemstones replaced diamonds way before people became aware of it. In fact, if you look back, you’ll even find names such as Jacqueline Kennedy and Kate Middleton sporting rings with their gemstones in them.

So why not take inspiration from them and have your own engagement ring set with one of these gemstones?

We take a page out of Howard Fensterman’s website to provide you with some insight!


Perfect for the original sort, the Amethyst stone is purple and gorgeous even in its raw state. When cut and paired with silver or rose-gold, the stone and metal complement each other beautifully and often give a quirky look to the ring.

However, Amethyst stones aren’t that hard, but they’re quite durable and cost a fraction of the price that you’d pay had you bought a diamond.


There is a reason why sapphire is one of the most popular gemstones. The blue hue of the stone, when set against the sparkle of silver gives off an almost other-worldly aura, and looks quite beautiful after it’s been well-cut. In fact, it looks even better than a diamond, although if you’re looking for a bigger stone, you may want to pay more as well.

Sapphire stands as the third toughest stone, and costs only a third of the price, making it the perfect replacement for a diamond!


Why go for a pink diamond when you have a Morganite on offer?

Coming from the same family as emeralds, this stone looks romantic, feminine and delicate, lending an oh-so-pretty look when set in a delicate design. Regarded as one of the most popular choices for rings at the moment, the Morganite comes in different prices so do your research before you buy it. This way, you’ll be able to get the best cut and quality of stone!



With its dazzling range of colors and gorgeous clarity, topaz has now become the natural choice for those seeking a colorful and vibrant engagement ring.

The topaz stone comes in various hues of blue, orange, green, pink and red, although you can also buy a pure topaz that’s colorless if you’d rather go for the simpler option. However, if you’re more into colors, the range of topaz stones available might give you just the stone you need to make your ring look good.

Want to Learn More?

These are just some of the stones that are the most popular options for engagement rings. But if you want to learn more before making your choice, surf through Howard Fensterman’s website here and be inspired by his lifelong passion for mineral collecting and stones.

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