Five Useful Minerals Found on Earth

Minerals are inorganic substances that are naturally found on planet Earth and we as humans are blessed to have a planet where these resources are found in abundance. According to the International Mineralogical Association (IMA), there are 4660 types of mineral species found on Earth. Doesn’t that sound amazing? So, for informational purposes, here is a list of some common minerals that are found in abundance on our lovely planet:


Aluminum is one of the most abundant minerals that is found in the crust of the Earth as it covers 8.2% of the Earth’s crust. This is the most common type of material that is used in construction, building, transportation, electrical machinery and packaging. The best form of aluminum is found and imported from Guyana, Guinea, Brazil and Jamaica.


If you look around yourself, you will see countless things made up of copper. Copper is again a naturally occurring mineral having a definite chemical structure and composition. This mineral also holds a distinct part in history by being the very first element that was discovered by humans. It covers 6.8% of the Earth’s crust and is used widely in construction of buildings, manufacturing of electronic products such as wires, switches, heating and plumbing and other transportation activities. Nowadays, copper is also used in several medical equipments as well. This mineral is mostly found in Utah, Arizona, Nevada, Montana, Peru, China, New Mexico and Australia.


Gold is considered as one of the most valuable minerals on Earth. This mineral is used in making jewelries, medicines, artwork and even dentistry. Additionally, this mineral is also used as the standard currency. Thus, the worth of gold cannot be understated. Gold, in its natural mineral form, has traces of silver, iron and copper. In addition to being a very valuable mineral, gold is also one of the heaviest minerals found on our planet. Moreover, gold is a resistant metal as it does not discolor, tarnish or crumble like other minerals.


Next in the list comes clay, which is mostly used as an absorbent. You will see many things around you which are made of clay, from pottery to clay huts to name a few. Produced in 40 states, it is among the minerals that have a number of possible uses. It has a variety of types, such as bentonite, ball clay, pet waste absorbent, kaolin, iron ore and many others. Most commonly, clay is used in the making of bricks, ceramics and cement and is used in making plastics, rubber, paint and paper. Nowadays, clay is also being used in pharmaceuticals, cosmetic brands and even some food items.


Carbonates are a group of minerals that are widely used in environments where carbon dioxide is present. This form of mineral is very common in sedimentary environments and act as a raw mineral in a variety of industries. Its products are used in the paper and steel industry and in addition to that, the calcium that we get in the medicines is a result of such carbonates.

We should be thankful to nature for providing us with such useful minerals to use in a number of different ways. We really hope that you found this information to be very useful. For more interesting information, stay tuned!

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