A Detailed Guide to Amazonite to Amazonite’s Spiritual Benefits

Amazonite mineral stone
Amazonite  Stone

We are back to another discussion about the potential healing properties of minerals. This one is amazonite. 

Found in soothing cool green and turquoise colors, the amazonite stone features grey swirls and pale cream stripes. This particular stone gets its name from the Amazon River and it reflects the lushness and fertility of the jungle surrounding it, but years before the Amazon River came into being, ancient Egyptians would collect this stone from the mines in the mountains near the Red Sea to adorn the tombs and palaces of the Pharaohs. 

In this article, we will take a detailed look at the myriad uses and benefits of this evergreen stone. 

Amazonite Virtues

Amazonite holds some amazing virtues that set it apart from other stones, giving you the desire to want it more. The stone’s stunning appearance and soothing aura emanate compassion, and stress and anxiety relief. Amazonite is believed to be great for throat and heart chakras and for balancing Ying and Yang. Moreover, this stone is also believed to improve communication. 

Amazonite is typically found in light green color with hues ranging from pistachio to blue and turquoise. A green color amazonite stone represents renewal, growth, and balance while the blue hues of amazonite reflect calmness, creativity, clear thinking, inspiration, and self-sufficiency. 

Physical Benefits of Amazonite

Since amazonite is believed to be directly linked to the heart and throat chakra, it has a direct physical relationship with this area of the body. It is said that wearing the stone helps people with heart and lung issues and boosts the metabolism and aids with digestion. Since amazonite has an extremely calming and soothing feel, it also can help one get a good night’s sleep. 

This calming stone has a direct impact on anything related to calcium in the body. So, it is believed to help with tooth decay, osteoporosis, and other calcium deficiencies. Stress is another factor that can lead to multiple health-related issues. Since amazonite is a soothing stone, it can help relieve anxiety and improve a person’s overall wellbeing. 

Emotional and Spiritual Benefits of Amazonite

Besides having various physical benefits, this gemstone can also help improve your overall emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Amazonite is perceived to be a highly encouraging gemstone that helps improve one’s self-esteem and confidence and pushes away negative thoughts. 

This stone also balances your masculine and feminine sides, allowing you to appreciate the feelings and opinions of both. Even though quite underrated, this ability can help you make waves in your personal life. Wearing amazonite can help you realize and account for all your emotions, leading to improved communication with your loved ones. 

This soothing stone provides your mind with clarity and guides your focus towards achieving your goals and dreams. Amazonite contributes to one’s creative and imaginative side, serving those with artistic ambitions quite well. 

Also considered as the stone of success and abundance, this powerful gemstone can deliver a ton on the money front. Not only is it believed that amazonite can help you to attract good fortune and money, but it also allows people to gain more control over their finances. 

How to Cleanse Amazonite

Amazonite is very easy to care for. You must clean it every other week to ensure its luster. You can clean amazonite by simply running it under lukewarm water and leaving it in the sun to dry. If you’re looking to recharge your amazonite, keep some mint near or on your gemstone. 

How to Use Amazonite

Now that you know that amazonite is a brilliant stone for you, you’re probably wondering how you can use this stone to reap the maximum spiritual and health benefits. Here’s how:

As a Piece of Jewelry

Perhaps, the easiest way to use this gemstone is as a piece of jewelry. Whether you get an amazonite bracelet, pendant, necklace, broche, or earrings, any piece of jewelry will maximize the impact of the crystal on your body. 

In Your Bag

If you don’t want to wear jewelry, you can simply keep your amazonite in your purse or pocket and use it as a touchstone throughout the day. 

In Your Lap or on Your Body

Placing amazonite in your lap or holding it in your hand while meditating can give you a feeling of calmness. Also, the easiest way to reap the stone’s benefits is by placing it on the different chakra points of your body while laying down. 

In the Bath 

Place your amazonite in your bathtub and have a nice, relaxing bath. Since this stone is impervious, you don’t have to worry about it getting spoilt. 

Amazonite Jewelry

Amazonite is a strong and powerful stone that is durable enough to be worn regularly. The gemstone is typically crafted and fixed into bracelets, earrings, pendants, and brooches. However, you need to be extremely careful if you decide to wear your amazonite in a ring. The reason for this is that a ring exposes the gemstone more, placing it at a higher risk of chipping, scratching, or fracturing. Even if you decide to place your amazonite in a ring, a halo or bezel setting will provide the safety your gemstone needs. 

Even though amazonite is a rare stone, it isn’t as expensive. However, when placed in a high quality setting made of superior materials, such as gold or high-grade silver, amazonite jewelry can easily sell at extremely high prices. Amazonite is also found in some antique pieces that are very valuable. 

The Bottom Line

If you are spiritually enthused, you may try to allow amazonite to bring about a drastic change in your life. To reap maximum benefits, remember to always check the stone to ensure that it isn’t a cheap or synthetic version. 


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