12 Fascinating Geological Facts

A rocky terrain

Geology isn’t limited to the study of rocks; it also encompasses the study of how these rocks change over time and often gives us clues about Earth’s history, and it provides geologists with information about plate tectonics, Earth’s climate over the years, and how life has evolved on Earth since its inception.

Geological wonders never cease to amaze people. From subtle geochemical changes to massive volcanoes, there is so much information that you can’t help but feel fascinated at the marvels of our home planet. To help you see what we mean, we’ve listed down some of the most fascinating geological facts that will leave you smitten! Let’s dive into them right away!

Potential Volcanoes

How many times have you watched movies where volcanoes erupt and cause mass destruction? And most of these movies are based upon facts. The Mount Vesuvius volcano at Pompei is a perfect and riveting example. Well, what would you do if we tell you that there are as many as 18 volcanoes across the globe that can possibly erupt at ant time? What’s worse, all 18 of these potential eruptions are situated in Hawaii, Alaska and the West Coast of the United States! 

  1. Rubies and Sapphire Are the Same Minerals  

Rubies and Sapphires are two of the most widely known and commonly used gemstones around the world. A ruby is known for its characteristic deep red color and sapphire for its breathtaking blue color. However, did you know that both Ruby and Sapphire are the same minerals? They are both made from the mineral corundum. Corundum has a basic chemical formula Al2O3. What makes the two gemstones different are the traces of other components. Ruby gets its characteristic red color from traces of iron, whereas Sapphire gets its blue color from traces of titanium or chromium.

Diamonds Come in a Variety Colors

Most diamonds are transparent; however, thanks to the movie Titanic, people are more aware that colored diamonds exist too. Although colored diamonds are extremely rare, you’ll be surprised to know that diamonds come in a variety of colors, including brown, blue, orange, yellow, green, purple, pink, red, milky-white, gray and even black. Of all the colors, red diamonds are the rarest and the most valuable!

Yellowstone is Not a Supervolcano

There’s been a lot of hype around the Yellowstone volcano. People speculate that it is a supervolcano that will erupt and destroy the whole of the U.S. If you’re one of the believers of that theory, we hate to break it to you that Yellowstone probably won’t erupt to that magnitude. 

The quantity of magma beneath Yosemite is quite small at present. Even if it does erupt, which it is not likely to, it will not destroy America. The result will probably be some minor damage in its surrounding areas. 

According to experts, the chances of Yellowstone erupting as a supervolcano in the next thousand years are as low as 0.00014%. You might have a better chance of winning the lottery.

Glaciers are Causing Earthquakes in Great Lakes Region

You might think that the fault lines on the west coast are the only area where earthquakes can occur in the U.S., but they are quite common in the Great Lakes region, and this is because of the glaciers in the region. These earthquakes are a result of Earth’s rebounding after being squashed by the glaciers from the last ice age. 

No Country Owns Antarctica

Antarctica is one of the few areas on this Earth that remains uninhabited (if you don’t count a few scientists and lots of penguins). If you’ve ever wondered which country owns Antarctica, you’ll be surprised to know that no country owns this part of the world. It is a neutral zone that is not owned by anyone. 

However, it is difficult to say how long that status will remain, as due to the melting of glaciers, numerous oil reserves in the continent have been exposed. It’s a situation that keeps developing and something to keep an eye on for sure.

Antacids are Chalk

Many people complain that antacids taste and feel like chalk in the mouth. Well, that is because antacids are chalk! Chalk is typically calcium carbonate, and that’s what antacids are made up of. So, if you think you’re gulping down a chalk mixture, that’s what you’re probably doing!

People Automatically Float in the Dead Sea

This is because the water of the Dead Sea has such a high salt concentration that the water is a lot denser than the weight of humans. Humans, being less dense, automatically float over the surface of the Dead Sea, without even having to try!

Asia and America will Form a Supercontinent

This geological plan might fascinate you the most. Scientists predict that in about 200 million years, America and Asia will collide and form a single supercontinent that will be centered at the North Pole. Scientists have even given a name to this supercontinent – Amasia!

The North Pole and the South Pole Can Reverse

We’ve grown up with the fact that the North Pole forms the upper extreme of the Earth while the South Pole forms the lower extreme. What if we tell you that our magnetic poles often reverse? The South Pole and the North Pole reverse their magnetism, flipping the directions around. It is predicted that it might do so once again in 1,000 – 10,000 years. 

San Francisco and Los Angeles Might be Neighbors in the Future

The Earth is constantly slipping along the fault lines of San Andreas at a rate of two inches per year. This means that in the next 15 million years, San Francisco and Los Angeles will become neighbors.

20% of Earth’s Freshwater is in the Great Lakes

You’ll be amazed to know that 20% of the entire world’s fresh water is in the Great Lakes. This percentage doesn’t include the polar ice or underground aquifers. 

Closing Word

While we may not realize it, our Earth is constantly changing. We may think that we’ve managed to uncover most of the Earth’s secrets, but you will be amazed to know how little you know. The Earth holds untold secrets that will take us almost forever to find, and that too might not be enough to uncover it all! These geological facts are just a few of the long list of known facts. There is so much more to know!

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